Data connectivity is rapidly becoming one of the most important requirements for modern business. Eclipse specialise in offering the latest data technologies that are both scalable and future proof.

Services such as email, accountancy and file collaboration are rapidly moving to cloud based architecture and with that the demand for bandwidth is increasing at an exponential rate.

Eclipse has a variety of solutions that we can tailor to your customer’s requirements. We can supply basic broadband connectivity right up to converged voice / data Ethernet circuits.


Broadband is still the “go to” product for many small businesses and SMEs. With the introduction of new Fibre to the Cabinet services we can offer speeds of up to 80mbps downstream and up to 20mbps upstream.

It is estimated that FTTC will reach 80% of premises by spring 2015. For customers who are currently out of the reach of FTTC our standard ADSL product has 99.9% availability across the country.

All our broadband connections run over a network core with enough capacity to ensure you’re not constantly fighting for bandwidth. This core has interconnections with VOIP suppliers such as Gamma which further increase reliability for people using our products for voice services.

Key Features

  • Generous monthly transfer allowance

  • Resilient network core

  • Static IP Address (Option of 1 or a block of 8)

  • Option for pre-configured router sent direct to customer site

  • Proactive customer notifications for data usage and unusual network activity (such as malware infections)

  • Simultaneously provided with a new phone line install

Who is the product aimed at?

Every office should have at least one ADSL or FTTC connection. This can either be as their main internet connectivity or as a backup to another type of connectivity.

Customers who are looking to implement IP telephony benefit from having a dedicated internet connection for that service and we offer an assured broadband product of an SLA on jitter, latency and bandwidth to ensure voice calls are clear and don’t drop.

Our advice to Partners

  • Several products to match the individual needs of a customer

  • Cost effective

  • Reliable service for customers looking to utilise the latest cloud services

  • Experienced technical support team to back up the service

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is a product designed to offer an Ethernet grade service with the associated benefits but at a lower cost by using existing copper infrastructure. Several pairs of copper cable are bonded at the phone exchange to give the customer symmetrical uncontested bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Low latency and jitter

  • Uncontested bandwidth

  • Low cost

  • Leased Line SLA’s

  • Reliability

  • Compatible with any Ethernet WAN topology as the service is presented as Ethernet.

Who is this product aimed at?

Ethernet First Mile is aimed at customers who need the reliability or increased bandwidth of a traditional Ethernet based leased line but can’t justify the cost.

EFM combined with our SIP trunk product is a great ISDN30 product. Customers can reduce their existing ISDN30 costs whilst bringing the advantages of IP telephony to their phone system.

The increased upload speed and non-contended nature of EFM makes it ideal for people using cloud computing. This is the ideal product for users of Office 365 which includes hosted Exchange, One Drive and Sharepoint.

Our advice to Partners

  • Use as an alternative to ISDN30 for new and existing customers

  • Use our converged Ethernet service to offer both data and voice services

  • Ideal for customer hosting applications at a customer site

  • Sell to customers who are using hosted cloud services

Ethernet is our premier connectivity solution. It involves a dedicated fiber connection to your premises in order to provide the best level of reliability along with dedicated bandwidth and flexibility.

Bandwidth from 10mbps to 10gbps can be supplied on a managed or wires-only basis.

In the case of a managed solution we can supply a converged solution where dedicated bandwidth is provided for both data and voice services. This allows the customer to consolidate their voice and data services to reduce the complexity of their local network and help reduce costs.

Key Features

  • High capacity and flexible connectivity

  • Dedicated uncontended bandwidth

  • Converge both voice and data on the same circuit

  • 24/7 monitoring and out of hours fault reporting

  • Managed Cisco router

  • Service Level Agreement

  • No upfront costs on 3 year contracts

  • Can be provided in as little as 6 days

Who is this product aimed at?

An Ethernet connection is ideal for any customer where they need a reliable connection with guaranteed uptime.

Ethernet can be provided as a converged product where the bandwidth is segmented to allow both voice and data to be provided on the same circuit. Voice traffic has a dedicated port on a managed Cisco router and voice packets are prioritised across our network.

Ethernet circuits are very flexible and can be scaled up to customer requirements. If a customer has a 10mbps Ethernet line then we can usually increase the bandwidth

Our advice to Partners

  • Sell to customers looking to consolidate their voice and data network

  • Ideal for customers who predict their bandwidth requirements may increase in the future

  • Large amounts of bandwidth cater for customers using cloud services and SaaS

MPLS allows you to bring all your sites together with a secure VPN that can handle all your business applications and prioritise those applications based on their requirements and importance. We create a private cloud for all your sites to connect to and the ability to break out to the Internet with a managed firewall.

Your sites can connect to your MPLS network using any combination of our access types including Ethernet, EFM and broadband.

Key Features

  • Full pre-sales support and solution design

  • Speeds of up to 1gbps

  • Classes of service to prioritise network traffic

  • Any-to-any, fully meshed topology

  • Everything is on one network

  • Your data does not use the public Internet so is inherently secure

Who is this product aimed at?

IPVPN / MPLS is aimed at companies that have more than one site that wish to connect those site together as one network. This allows them to share data and voice services and only have one network to manage.

Because different types of traffic can be priorised right across our network it is perfect for companies wanting to run business critical applications and VOIP between their different sites.

Our advice to Partners

  • Utilise pre-sales support to get comprehensive WAN design and quote for your customer

  • Consolidate data and voice costs by using quality of service to prioritise voice traffic

  • Fully managed hardware reduces IT support costs for the customer

National Ethernet is a point to point link between two sites. This can either be to connect two customer sites or to interconnect with a supplier. It is a layer 2 link so the customer or their IT supplier can use their own IP addressing and manage the link to their requirements.

We supply an RJ45 Ethernet port which the customer plugs their equipment into. This gives them the control to either segment their network or keep it as one large “local” network.

Key Features

  • Speeds up to 10gbps

  • Wires-only Ethernet presentation gives the customer ultimate flexibility

  • Excellent Service Level Agreement for bandwidth, latency and jitter

  • Local and Nationwide access

  • Managed service options available

Who is this product aimed at?

National Ethernet is aimed at customers who have a need to connect two sites or networks together and have an in-house or outsourced IT resource. As a layer 2 link the customer can use any equipment and protocol they prefer.

Our advice to partners

  • Sell to customers looking to link up two different offices

  • You will often be selling to either an IT manager or the customer’s IT support company

  • Often a cheaper alternative to Internet based VPN’s running over traditional leased lines

Eclipse offers a wide variety of hosting services. All services are hosted in a state of the art data centre and offer a 99.999% network uptime.

We currently offer:

  • Domains

  • Web Hosting

  • Dedicated Servers

  • Managed Servers

  • Colocation

  • Email Hosting

Key Features

  • Secure Data Centre

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Remote Hands service for colocation

  • Linux and Windows servers

  • cPanel for Linux hosting

  • MySQL and MSSQL Database hosting

  • PHP, Perl CGI on Linux hosting

  • ASP.Net on Windows hosting

Who is this product aimed at?

Most businesses have some form of hosting need. We offer competitive rates for basic website and email hosting or for customers looking to collocate their application server in our data centre.

Our managed servers are ideal for customers who have an application multiple people need to access or for a website that receives a high number of visitors on a daily basis

Our advice to Partners

  • A domain and email hosting are an easy up-sell for customers you are selling broadband connectivity to

  • Colocation is often a cheaper alternative to paying for expensive connectivity solutions for a business that needs multiple offices to access a centralised server

Eclipse Wholesale can now offer Ethernet leased line services using wireless technology. Not just typical WIFI but high end radio links that allow us to offer the same reliability and speeds as traditional wired Ethernet leased lines.

As there are no wayleave requirements, no external engineering work and no fibre splicing we can install circuits with speeds up to 2Gbps and uncontended bandwidth with a 20 day lead time.

Benefits to your customers:

  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Guaranteed 4 Hour fix time
  • Standard 20 day delivery period
  • Small fixed installation fee
  • Easy to relocate
  • Scalability
  • True 1:1 contention across entire network
  • Point to Point links are encrypted for security and to prevent eavesdropping

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