Gaining Provider Led Broadband Migrations – Consumer switching

Gaining Provider Led Broadband Migrations

15th June 2015

Important Industry Update

The process to migrate broadband services between Communication Providers (CP’s) will change from 20th June 2015, below we have provided a breakdown of the new process in 8 simple steps.Currently, and up until midnight on 19th June 2015, internet users wishing to switch providers have to apply to their old (losing) provider to request a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC). The current process can be troublesome as ISPs have up to five working days to send out the MAC with some of the more unreliable providers refusing to supply codes to prevent customers from switching easily.


Consumer switching in eight simple steps…

1.    The MAC process will be replaced by the Gaining Provider Led (GPL) model

2.    The new switching rules require the customer to do nothing other than supply their telephone number and postcode to the gaining CP. Once the move is initiated this will automatically initiate a cancellation process with their losing CP.

3.    The losing CP is informed of the customers wish to switch.

4.    Both the gaining and losing CP’s will need to provide a Notification of Transfer (NoT) to the customer. The losing CP’s communication may contain details of exit fees, but they are prohibited from including special offers or discounts to entice the customer into stopping the switch.

5.    If the customer is still happy to switch, they simply let the process continue. The switch will take place in 10 working days. If they’ve changed their mind, they will need to cancel the order, the ‘point of no return’ (PONR) is at least 24 hours before the migration date is scheduled.

6.    Sales Partners can contact Eclipse to raise a “Cancel Other” request to stop the migration. However, this option is only available up to 5 days before the day of the planned migration and we recommend the most effective course of action is to cancel the migration by informing the Gaining CP directly.

7.    Anyone who fears they’ve become a victim of slamming (i.e. being switched without knowledge or consent) is recommended to contact their existing CP, who will investigate and cancel the migration.

8.    All CP’s must keep the details of any new broadband order requests they receive and hold them for a minimum of 12 months. This is to support any disputes that could arise following the introduction of the GPL migration process.


Summary of these changes:

  • The MAC (Migration Access Code) process will be replaced by the Gaining Provider Led (GPL) model
  • Provides of telecommunication services who want to move a broadband circuit to a new provider will go directly to the new provider and place an order for that circuit with them
  • The GPL model follows the process currently used by Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) and Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)
  • The broadband migration process will now take a minimum of 10 days
  • Under the new rules, retention activities are not allowed for residential and small business (<10 employees) customers, and retention activities for larger customers should be treated on a case-by-case basis. This means you’re prohibited from offering cheaper services to residential and small business customers wishing to switch to entice them to stay with you.
  • If a customer of any size initiates a conversation with you asking to hear about better deals you’re free to discuss them. Remember: the customer must be the one to initiate the conversation.