ESS Updates

ESS Updates

25th January 2019

It has been a while since we have posted about our wholesale self service portal even though have have been updating it regularly.

This month we have added the ability to get live Ethernet quoting for Entanet, City Fibre and Vodafone. This is in addtion to the already existing carriers we had intergrated into our portal (BT, Talk Talk Business and Gamma On-Net).

In addtion to this, we have improved the layout for our mobile users so it's easy to navigate when on the go. Your engineers can now run advanced broadband diagnostics and retreive technical information right from their mobile device when on the go or on-site with a customer.

For customer service staff, you can now view information, updates and the status of any active cease orders, view information on current and past major service outages and information about planned engineering works. This information is a live feed from our suppliers so you and your staff can see a live view of the information we have access to.

Breadcrumbs have been added to the top of each page so you know where you are on the portal and to allow you to navigate back to a specific section with ease.

You are now able to view the WLR3 properties of any line that you have on your account in order to determine line type, number of lines, care level and any network services that are enabled.

For our next update, we are hoping to release SIP functionality, including viewing live technical data and the ability to perform in life changes such as applying diverts or changing the terminating IP address.

Stay tuned!