Case Study

RED Driving School, part of RDS Driving Services Limited, is one of the UK’s largest driving schools.

RED Driving School teaches well in excess of 100,000 learner drivers to pass the UK government driving test each year. RED delivers a tailored teaching programme, encompassing Road Brain Training which improves the pass rate of RED Learners and helps them become safe and confident drivers beyond the test stage.

A RED franchise allows driving instructors to trade under the company’s established and trusted name. Instructors benefit from a centralised lesson booking system providing pupils, national promotion by association with RED, and a range of technical and business development support services.

The Business Challenge

RED had a number of vendors and networks in the supply chain of their inbound services, the challenge for the business was to rationalise suppliers and consolidate services into one solution that provided real time access to inbound services for adds, moves and changes.

The Solution

With a number of challenges to overcome, a staggered solution was proposed for RED to migrate the existing Inbound numbers to a single web based call management portal with a more competitive tariff. An additional range of 0844 numbers was proposed to replace the legacy 0870 numbers and control the flow of traffic across to the new number range gradually.

The Product

Eclipse Wholesale, through our sales partner Red Maple, proposed our Inbound solution to allow RED’s IT, Marketing and Finance team to access their estate of Inbound numbers in real time.

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The Benefits

Since the delivery of the new Inbound solution RED Driving School has seen a 33% reduction in real term annual costs, a migration of all inbound calls away from legacy 0870 numbers to new 0844 numbers and access to a single web based management portal for real time amendments. The company has also deployed a remote based DR strategy that can be enacted either via the web portal or via DTMF codes from a mobile.