Case Study

Last Night of Freedom (LNOF) started out in 1999, when one of the founders of the company was a University student answering business phone-calls at home. LNOF have come a long way since then and now have over 20,000 successful stag and hen weekends under their belts.

What sets LNOF apart from the rest is their expertise, passion and commitment to the personal touch. LNOF don’t simply want to provide a package, they want to inspire their customers, pass on all of their expert advice and entertain the customer along the way.

LNOF listen to exactly what their customers want, then pull all the strings to make it happen, ensuring that customers can sit back and relax (commending themselves on their top organisational skills) and prepare themselves for the ultimate Last Night of Freedom.

The Business Challenge

With the company expanding rapidly, the legacy telephone system was too limited to provide LNOF with the flexibility and functionality they required. The data connectivity was based on multiple ADSL and the customer had an existing contractual relationship with a legacy supplier.

The Solution

The solution was identified very quickly, with focused direction from the LNOF management team, the traditional legacy telephony system would be replaced with a Hosted PBX that would be deployed on a new converged Ethernet connection.

The Product

Eclipse Wholesale and our partner Frontier Group provided our Hosted PBX solution, Horizon, as the right product to fulfill the customer’s requirements. Advice and consultancy was also provided on contractual obligations and the commercialism of existing supply relationships, allowing for various parts of the supply to be purchased in the most effective way.

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The Benefits

Immediate benefits from the deployment of Horizon included the increase in the number of users (both onsite and remotely) utilising the full functionality of the new solution. The replacement of the ADSL with an Ethernet connection also provided greater bandwidth for other hosted applications.

  • Testimonial

    "We had always found dealing with telecom companies very confusing and we had a history of bad service and expensive bills that we did not understand.  This has all changed we have now found a company that wants to help, the team has provided us with excellent advice and made sure it was all very easy to understand. From start to finish the whole process has been fantastic and I wish we had found this solution earlier."

    Garry Hodgson, Director